Portugal Residency

Portugal started issuing residence permits by investment in 2012. 

Investors choose between seven options. Applicants often buy a property for restoration for €350,000 or a new real estate for €500,000. The purchase of investment fund units for €500,000 is also gaining popularity.

If investors choose to buy real estate or investment fund units, they can return the money in 5 years by selling the asset.

If they remain Portuguese residents for 5 years, the investor and their family members can apply for permanent residence or citizenship. At the same time, they don’t have to live in Portugal. Golden Visas holders maintain their residence status by spending seven days a year in the country.


Investment amount

2-6 months

Obtaining period

5 years

Residence required to apply for citizenship

5 years

Return of real estate investment

Benefits of Portugal Residency


Visa-free entry to the EU and Schengen countries 

Portuguese residents visit the Schengen Area without a visa and spend up to 90 days out of 180 there.

Tax optimisation

Investors can get a special Non-habitual Resident (NHR) status in Portugal for 10 years. An NHR doesn’t pay taxes on global income in Portugal, and the tax rate for the income earned in Portugal is reduced to 20%. The income tax rate in Portugal can be as high as 48% without the NHR status.



Flexible stay in Portugal

The Golden Visa provides the holder with the right to enter Portugal at any time, even when the country’s borders are closed. Residents can stay in the country without time limits. At the same time, living in Portugal is a right, not an obligation.



Opportunity to obtain citizenship

Opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit and citizenship after 5 years.



Residence permit for three generations

Obtaining a residence permit for three generations


Terms of investment through the purchase of real estate

1 option
Real estate purchase €280,000+

Investors choose between two options:

1. €350,000+ for the purchase of real estate built more than 30 years ago or located in designated restoration areas. If a property is in a sparsely populated area, its price may start at €280,000.

2. €500,000+ for purchasing a newer residential or commercial real estate. €400,000+ is the price for properties built less than 30 years ago and in a sparsely populated area.

The investor can sell the property in five years and return the money.

2 option
Purchase of investment fund units €500,000+

The option is the best way to obtain a Portugal Golden Visa if the investor doesn’t plan to live in Portugal or invest in real estate.

An investment fund is a financial institution that aims to attract and increase capital. The fund raises money and invests in selected assets: residential or commercial real estate, Portuguese companies, industrial facilities or the European stock market.

The minimum fund investment is €500,000. The holding period is at least 5 years. However, the money is usually returned in 6—10 years. The fund distributes the earned profit among investors withdrawing a commission.

3 option

Supporting arts and restoring cultural heritage

4 option

Investments in research activities

5 option

Capital transfer

6 option
Business investments €500,000+

With the creation of at least 5 jobs

7 option
Opening a company

Creation of at least 10 jobs

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